Sunday, January 29, 2017

JANUARY 2017 .... its all about ethics

Becoming Vegan ... yep finally out !!!!

I am well on the way to becoming vegan  Yay!
I feel so much more authentic now

It has been a long hard won battle for me as a practicing vegetarian.

The kicker ..pardon the pun ...

Was attending a road crash as a result of a car hitting a suicidal black cow
she was standing in the middle of a major highway on a moonless night in the country.

cow and unborn calf died instantly = mercifully
no dead OR injured homo sapiens = fortunate
one VERY sick car = inconvenient
I personally will:

do my very best to ensure that I am aware of where  ALL my food is sourced
I am fully embracing a plant-based diet

I intend to remain balanced with regards to other animal products that are used by my society.

I will remain

true to this quest to the best of my ability

I also will continue to be NONjudgemental with regard to other people's lifestyle choices


I will agree to disagree with those that insist on judging my choice.


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