Monday, June 6, 2011

Crime Capital of Australia....

The Gold Coast's new Title ..replacing the Infamous "Call Girl Capital" ....Geez Louise ..we do after all have GREAT beaches ........and ....well moi ;)
on a more sombre note:
The funeral of a local police officer was held here today ...
really sad :(st

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moan out now move on

well yesterday saw me having a little 'tanty' in public I ask my self elusive is privacy real is www notoriety? why would one want it ALL any way ...'They' say its all out there forever stashed and collated by way of a digitized mind bank factory ....should I really hide my true thoughts behind a mask of diplomacy in the name of compassionate understanding for another way of being/seeing? Do You ? This thing called majority ruling ... seems to me it is legitimised bullying wrapped in a cloak of acceptable fear based control ....yet anarchy has its pit falls as well ...oh well back to the drawing board!

Ignore it and it MAY ? go away !?

mmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder :(

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tell me again WHY...? "EYE" continue to drink this mammals milk ?

is it not enough that the animal is slaughtered must it be brutalised on the way to meeting its maker

is there REALLY such a thing as the humane killing of HOUR choice for protein ? OR am EYE salving my conciouness with a potion that in fact WILL bite me in MY rump one day ? and yet I understand why !!!

Y do EYE understand the unacceptable? THAT my dear William IS the Question!

Where Went May?

May up and went way out west in search of freedom making 'slowly' like the Lewis' hare not as yet joy filled in returning .. 'march up/and on alerts the carrion cry Time IS of the essence our earth will give up its venom for too greedy are we getting :(