Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Organisation/s-or lack of it/them

What is it? For some its having all their ducks in a row - others its all about the duck in situ .
Whats with the duck metaphor!?
- frankly it rolled of the tongue easily -
this phrase is after all, acknowledged to be just the Ants Pants ,The bees Knees for the process known as being organized.
Personally my perception of the word organisation is about the duck in situ as well as getting and keeping them lined up.
I was trying to get an 'organic' startup that I could run with that would fit somewhere within the realm/parameters of my title of this blog:-
" Fractal it is : Nu[r]ture Nature"
Why didn't I pick the subject Frog ? They are after all considered to be the 'watchdog' of our Earths atmosphere , the shapshifted Underground Mining Canary if you will...
Watch Dog that is an interesting turn of phrase ...
is the dog looking at its watch barking ...Time !...
Time to Nu[r]ture Nature
like a misplaced Lewis Carolles White Hare
Hmm ...I do wonder!
To say nothing about the Ants Pants and Knees on Droll!
'Buy the buy' the pic is of my collection of non organic objects I 'saved' whilst shopping today! I want to recycle them somehow sometime soon ...
but more on that another day!

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