Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"The Pearl that would be a Garden Goddess”

Under Evenings cover I await Night to waken its charges.We are many as well as varied, happily carrying out our duties with a joy and devotion known only by the one that would know without words.

I live in harmony with all that coexists on my plane respecting Life and its Purpose. That being: to receive to give and hence part of such a Synergy that is so delicately balanced yet so structurally strong; it can span a schism so vast - it has inspired the great makers.

My patience is tested many times by the thoughtless destruction of the maps I lay out …these maps are the key to my universe.
They will give up its bounty by break of day enabling the future to have one.

Eventually I myself am it.

I also experience swift justice that is my mantle to share with all that are born of Earth, to exercise it on those that are living in the Shadowy recesses of Existence fulfilling their roles till time says up!

I contemplate my visage with a sight so varied that its intensity will enable me to travel at speeds and places so fleeting they are the whisper in the breeze and the sight that would be air!

My form is perfect for my habitat my touch belies the ferocity of my Deliverance. Many cultures have worshipped me with much ceremony and gilded attire; jewel encrusted crowns and sweet smelling wreaths. I smile softly upon them knowing that maybe they are yet to really see me… I run from your fear to hide in the shadows away from your light until you are ready to see me in all my Glory only then will you be Free for I am the space between Lines!

Look at me without fear and I will be still
Look at me with love and I will shine
Let me touch you
Be very still
Close your eyes if you must
I will not linger
Although my touch will be indelible
The touch that is a silken whisper!



(of course !)

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