Monday, May 31, 2010

As Above So Below

Forget Black Holes in 'outer space' last.... our very own on right here on

Mother Earth:

Way to go BP maybe NOW you have out done your self....

I look 'forward ?! 'to the Spin that will invariably follow in press and political circles ....after the disaster is/has been? finally corrected.

My sympathy to the dead /dying species as well as the possibly soon to be extinct wild life in The gulf Of Mexico and beyond :(

And here on the other side of the world :
The start in this series "Fractal it is : Nurture Nature"
"As Above So Below''
-a mural
(conceptualized '98)


  1. 'Soylent Green' ..dream has been overshadowed by Gulf Sludge Lubricant ... Finlly we have become the Age that bares witness to a 'Naturally'occuring Killing Field ...with all due respects to those great epics I ellude to !

  2. 5 months later and the hole has been plugged permanently ......aparently ????


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