Monday, July 25, 2022


                       "Voices that (R) - Un -Herd" 

There is not much difference between You and Me

So how is it that you don't know

That I feel.?!

Though it seems you are certain that I can not dream.

But we dream . this it true

I do this just like you

you must know so

how it is so ,

to be so :

that is so :


unhampered and free;

yeah like you :

unimpeded / unbridled -

and yet are YOU - free. ?

I can see /I can sense/ I can feel/ I grieve

I hear/ I cry /I thirst /I die

No ! we are not that different you and I.

Still ; it is me who is sent;

to be out of town /

to be out of sight :

to be - underground

left wanting


waiting for a bolt to the head in a hope it is true and on target /

so then

I wont know that I'm dead !

'I hope its on target' : so may you say

you seem to think its more hum_ane done this way?!

( and that's seems like justice to you?)

Oh fuck it HAS missed

Oh Know

yes - know this

Never you mind,:

you see this : is true -

You have me out of your earshot too !

Now then -

there there no worries my dear ;

it is not on your side or even your kind

although- history does tell :

of this slaughter wholesale !

YOU decide is it a form of genocide ?

Is now it the time ? To say nine/ no/ nup/ nee_et?

Don't worry you say /I'm thinking you say

but MY time says :

its now up!

Hey you

yeah you

I am talking to you!


look /look

yeah now you will see-my fear and my horror IF you can look in my gaze

How dare you try to turn away – STAY!

Oh NO you say No ! the bolt missed its mark

she's not nearly near done !

(You would know it too if it happened to you!)

I can scream /I can bleed/ I cry yes its all true ;

I bet you are thinking how lucky are you ?

There is just one thing that needs be said

to those that stood by and ignored my cries;

my pleads and


I'll say it again:

There is not that much that is different between you and I!

yeah NOW that I'm spent ,

and you DO know it is true -

you're bloated ,and your swollen too , yet still you are seen engorged on my flesh -

without shame -you say – I am proud

yeah that's you standing tall in the crowd !

So it is I who now says to all who be those

who didn't speak up for me

yeah you know

-garn - go on /get /go and

I bet you will see that next time around

it may be you who now lives their life too shortly spent!

Cheryl Evans Madderrn 2021

(to be read /performed at an open mic night @ The Poetry Hall of Fame Guyra and maybe The open Mic at the Chapel Theatre Glen Innes ) N.S.W.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

                                                       Generational Labeling 

                                                            lets stop it at Gen Z 

Monday, March 23, 2020

Yep here we are full flight into a Covid-19 pandemic . I am not documenting the state of affairs in the world nor am I about to openly play the blame game  However I am glad I follow a plant based diet and have no (or have ever }had the desire to eat Civet Cat  or Bat for that matter  ...just saying;)
But I want to state  my observations...

Firstly the real heroes are on the frontline:  the health workers .the peace keepers the shop assistants the truckies . and all those that are keeping the essentials of our lives going 

BUT I am sad to say that many teachers in the Education system feel that their lives are more important than children's education ...sobeit they should strike   I.believe in a persons right to choose ..

I am soooo glad the health workers and the other heroes choose to put their life on the line for me.

When all this is over we must learn  as a nation to become much more :......

You fill in the blanks!.....

one of my filled in blank would be: 

self reliant  /industry face mask shortage yay that guy in country VIC..he did not bow down !

re going digital oh thats good lets all live our lives through The Net  till another virus takes down the Fuckin Cloud   go us !

Lets Get Real !

Sunday, December 15, 2019